Saturday, June 16, 2012

DC Farewell Tour

We are getting closer to leaving Florida...yikes!!  The date for leaving the state is July 6th...a little over 2 weeks away.  We are doing a little "farewell tour" before going to Daegu and this is the itinerary:

Stop #1 : Atlanta
First stop is Atlanta to visit my Aunt Karen and Uncle Dale and all of the cousins.

Stop #2: Prattville, Alabama
Who leaves the US without going to Prattville?  Actually we're going to see Nancy's friend Diana and her husband Al.

Stop #3: St. Louis
My hometown and where my sisters Shelly and Jennifer live.  This will be the longest stop on the tour (6 days) so it will be a challenge!!

Stop #4: Tucson, Arizona
What could be better than Tucson in July?  We are there to see Nancy's cousin Diana and her awesome daughter Kaylee.  Other cousins include Alex and Anna and their significant others.  I believe there is the possibility of an RV trip so this should be very interesting to say the least.

Stop #5: Kona, Hawaii
After spending close to 3 weeks with family, we will be needing a vacation so we're spending 4 days in Kona...besides it's about the halfway point to Korea so it only makes sense!!

 Stop #6: Soeul, Korea
We fly from Hawaii to Soeul and then to Daegu.  The plan is to arrive in Daegu on August 2 which will give us almost 3 weeks before school starts on August 20.

So that's the "Doublecross Farewell Tour".  10123.3 miles...27 days. Wish us luck...I think we'll need it!!