Friday, May 18, 2012

Really? The don't sell deodorant?

So we're getting closer and trying to decide what we need to bring...and apparently they don't really sell deodorant on Korea.  The Korean people (and Asian people in general) don't possess the same number of apocrine glands as other races which are the glands that produce body odor...from Google Answers:

Thank you for a very interesting question.

Well, I'm not sure whether Asians should shower less frequently! 
However, it is true that they have less body odor than other races.
The reason for this is not bacterial related but is caused by the
amount of apocrine glands they have in their body. Asians have fewer
apocrine glands than almost any other race.

“Apocrine glands, which produce scents that we commonly refer to as
body odor, vary widely among the races. Asians have an extremely low
distribution of apocrines (Koreans are among the least odor-producing
people on Earth—50% of them have no apocrine glands at all). With
regard to other races, blacks have a slightly higher distribution of
apocrine glands than whites.”

Who knew??

We found this YouTube video which is really helpful in knowing what stuff to bring when we leave for Daegu...

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