Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let's Talk About the Food

When people first heard that we were going to Korea, the comment we heard most frequently was, "Oh you two should have no problems eating.  The Asian peoples hardly eat ANY meat".  Well that may be true in SOME countries, but certainly not in Korea.  They probably consume more meat (pork and chicken mostly) than almost any country in the Far East.  And they seem to enjoy fish in virtually every dish...needless to say it's very weird to taste shrimp flavored Cheetos.

Nancy and I are struggling to find food that we like (or can eat) when we are out.  And even if you think you are purchasing something like a delicious homemade candy, looks can be deceiving.  Example - we were out in the local street a couple of blocks from school and we saw some candy-like items for sale that we thought were bon-bons.  The lady who sold them to us them assured  us that they had no meat (you never know here) so Nancy bought a package.  We opened the it up and she took a bite...surprise...tofu coated dried peas!  Yummy!!

The do have pretty decent pizza here.  There's a place not too far from DIS called Pizza School (?) and one Sunday evening all of the teachers and staff had pizzas delivered to the school.  The pizza was really good even though the cheese pizza had CORN AND POTATOES!  Seriously, potatoes on a pizza is very strange...but better than shrimp Cheetos or dried pea candy.

Where is a Veggie Burger when you need one?

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