Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas in Korea

Our first Christmas in Korea is proving to be interesting.  We are the only ones who are still at the school...all of the students and the other teachers have left for their vacations.  It's a little weird...almost like the Shining...but hopefully I won't turn into Jack Nicholson!
Tomorrow we are leaving to go to Thailand for our vacation. Bangkok for four days and Phuket for will be amazing!!  Lots of picts and hopefully some interesting stories as well.

Yesterday I went for a little hike on the trail that is by our school.  I've done this many times in the past when the weather was warm but this is my first experience winter hiking.  It was pretty amazing...the weather was cold and clear which was awesome.
The biggest challenge was climbing and descending the trail on ice and snow.  But I managed to make the the entire three mile treck without falling on my ass once...woohoo!

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